Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Urgent Rescue / Fosterer for Kittens Dumped in Front of Sunway Office

...SOS... Seeking Urgently - Fosterers for Kittens 

Urgently need help. They have been dumped in a box in front of an office in Bandar Sunway for the past 3 days. They are in hunger and urgently need a person who has experience with kittens. PLEASE SHARE as we need to save their innocent lives and time is essential. Pls call 012 3992021 if can help..... Thanks 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pregnant Puchong Dog Seeks Funds for Vet Bills

Pregnant Puchong Dog Seeks Funds for Vet Bills : She was knocked down and she was pregnant. She gave birth but all 4 died. We need donations to help this dog, we need to pay vet bills. Pls help us help her and other dogs that require medical attention.

You may make the payment to :



NAME : Sukarelawan Penyelamat Haiwan
MAYBANK ACC : 512026614466

PLEASE PM us your banking details and postal address or email for receipts.

Great news... Puchong Dog Billa Rescued

Super great news: Billa also known as Puchong Billa is adopted today!

When Billa was found, he does not have hair and severe mange. MIAR took Billa and gave him a temporary home and a chance to live. Billa did not go to the vet, but through the tender loving care and lots of patience, MIAR finally cured the pup until Billa is ready for adoption. Billa was adopted today (18th November 2012).

This is indeed a day for us at MIAR to rejoice for Billa had found a new home and a new start; a 2nd chance at life. We still need a lot of help with many dogs needs to be adopted. Give them a chance to live. A place for them to call "Home"

Puchong Billa was Adopted Today. 

Puppy with Difficulty Walking Recovering Soon

Our love....temporary name is Baby. He's been one month with with. Stomach doesn't look good & has difficulty walking. He WILL recover soon...Very much in love —